Ten years of experience in the design and development of computer-games, multimedia systems, peripheral device drivers & firmware, business applications and data processing.

Professional experience

1995-present ZIMA software, Prague, Czech republic
Game engine and lead programmer

The computer-games development and publisher company (one of the biggest in the Czech Republic).

Participating on the development of the 3 year best selling computer games series in the Czech Republic - Polda 2,3,4

2000-2002 Development of the 3D adventure game POLDA 4
  • Development of new 3D adventure games engine under
       Windows 95/98/2000 (DirectX 8.0)

  • Development of custom script language and interpreter
       for 3D adventure games processing

  • Development of editor for creating and processing 3D
       adventure game scenes

  • Development of 3D studio MAX plug-in for exporting
       character studio bipeds (physique)

  • Improvements of 3D studio MAX ASE exporter

  • Scripts programming

  • 1999-2000 Development of the adventure game
    POLDA 3

  • Improvements of the existing 2D adventure games engine

  • Development of 5 mini in-games (action arcade, cards,
       pool, puzzle, shooting-range)

  • Scripts programming

  • 1998-1999 Development of the adventure game
    POLDA 2

  • Development of 2D adventure games engine under
       Windows 95/98/NT (DirectX 6.0)

  • Created custom script language and interpreter for 2D
       adventure games processing

  • Editor for creating and processing 2D adventure game

  • Scripts programming

  • 1995-1997 Development of the real-time strategy
    game MUTARIUM

  • Development of real time strategy games engine under
       DOS/4GW and Windows 95/NT

  • Development of various graphical and format conversion
       editors & utilities (e.g. game level editor)

  • Compression library for processing data (written in
       assembly for performance reasons)

  • AI development

  • 1994-present 2N s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic
    System programmer

    The company designs, develops and produces telecommunication devices.

  • Development of multitasking real-time operating system
       of telephone switchboard

  • Development of firmware for the desk of CO-lines
       (hardware emulator Z80, Assembler Z80)

  • Development of program for resident serial communication
       between telephone switchboard and MS-DOS application

  • Development of program for accounting of telephone calls
       made using telephone switchboard

  • Development of video transfer between telephone
       switchboard and Win3.x Application

  • Program for programming telephone switchboard - very
       huge project

  • 1992-1993 D-DATA spol. s r.o., Prague, Czech republic
    Database programmer

    The company develops applications for statistic data processing.

  • Development of database applications

  • Overall skill profile

    Programming languages:
    C, C++ (preferred), Pascal, Basic, various Assemblies
    (Z80, 8080, 8051, 80x86, 6510, 6502)

    Software and libraries:
    DirectX SDK 8.0, Direct3D 8.0, STL (Standard Template Libraries),
    MS Visual C++ 6.0, MS Visual FoxPro, Borland Delphi 3.0, Borland
    C++ Builder 5.0 (preferred for Win applications), Borland C++ 4.5
    (used for classic Win32 applications), MS C++ 5.00, MS Programmer
    Work Bench, Turbo Pascal 7.0, Borland C++ 3.1, Turbo Assembler,
    WATCOM C++ 10.1,

    MS Visual FoxPro, Borland database engine

    Operating Systems:
    Win3.x, Windows 95/98/NT/2000, MS-DOS, NOVELL 3.1x and 4.x


  • 3 years Computer-Engineering University, FEL CVUT Prague, Czech rep.

  • 2 years Economy-Engineering University, VSE Prague, Czech republic,